Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update the first

Oh my GOODNESS. So much to update. So we got in to Denver at 10:30 MST yesterday, and promptly ran around like crazy getting everything in the house, going to eat, going to a movie, and getting Tom a tennis racquet (no pics of that yet, more to come).

Forgive the weird disorganization, it's late here, and later from my usual timezone. It's almost midnight here, and I have to get up at 5:00 am to head out by 6:00 am. We're leaving here and then heading south to sand dunes and Mesa Verde.

Today, we slept in, had breakfast, went grocery shopping (and bought the whole thing) and stocked the RV with it and camping equipment. Mark, Tom, Aaron and I have to cart our junk out there tomorrow morning. We've got some stuff in the dryer right now. We also got a Bronco's cap for Mrs. Howell's (my 3rd grade teacher, for those not in the know) grandson who is apparently nuts about them.

Tom has been a little homesick, but that's to be expected. He's weathering it really well, and today we stayed busy: noogie/tickle fights with Mark, card games with me, helping me choose produce, trying to block Aaron into the backseat of the car, and then taking a walk in the park and picking up a cool stick to take home to Dad (post a pic later, it has this weird star pattern inside when you break it.)

So Mom and Dad have been clamoring for pictures. So here are the photos from Tom's camera so far, and I will have to shrink the rest for the web later:

This one (above) is a view from Tom's seat on the plane, it's the wing. We had just settled in and people were stowing luggage and stuff. Right at the terminal before we taxied to the runway.

This one is from inside the Detroit airport, looking out a window. Not our plane, but just a picture Tom took because he liked it.

This, apparently, is a photo of Tom's phone screen? So glad we got him a digital camera.

Ha! This one's my favorite. Taken just tonight, while Mark was being sleepy on the inflatable mattress. (Chuck and Clara's guest room.)

Mark last night on the back porch.

Chuck on the back porch.

This is me, on the plane I think. Things got a little mixed up here.

Me again, brushing my hair out of my face. Timing is difficult with his camera, it's slow and annoying.

And finally, here is a blurry picture of airplane seats.
I have more from Mark's and my camera, but it's late, and I don't have the energy to shrink and upload quite yet. I'll shrink them tomorrow on the road and then upload them when we hit a wifi spot.

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