Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Postscript the first

Oh yes, some notes for posterity that I didn't mention in the post:

The Detroit airport is cooooool. huge, cool fountain that tom got a video of (which I will have to figure out how to upload, if at all. probably with youtube..) Tom was nervous about the moving walkways and escalators. We went on the moving walkways a couple times, but after that he aboslutely refused. psh. I think they're fun.

Mark had to drag an air conditioner from the basement for the guest room, which left dirty dents in his arm. (now clean, just the dents left)

The air conditioner promptly blew the second floor fuse, while Mark was in the shower, and Tom was on the phone worrying. It was a lovely scene for a minute. I used my phone as a flashlight.

Tony called and said the Castillos have landed. He and his younger brother and sister are settled in, and are apparently gratefully and swiftly devouring the key lime pie we left for them in the freezer. His brother Adam wanted to use Aaron's Wii, but alas we brought the controllers to use with Chuck's. so sad :(

ok, now to bed for real. night!

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