Thursday, July 12, 2007


So we didn't have a chance to update the blog last night--so many pictures! so little time. We decided to play a game with everyone last night--ask a bunch of "would you rather A or B" questions and the group decides. Tom was amused and distracted.

This morning we woke up in a flurry at 8, apparently Chuck and Clara had been up earlier, but let us sleep a bit. It's now 9:40 and we're finally almost ready to get on the road. We're stopping in Moab to get charcoal, more lettuce, toothpaste, shampoo, shorts for me, and flipflops for Tom and Mark for the stay in Flaming Gorge. Which I hope will not, in fact, be on fire. Probably won't. It'd have to cross a tree line, 23 miles, and a reservior to get to us.

I have things Mark and I wrote about the Great Sand Dunes (incredible) ready to upload, which I'll do now, and then I'll write some stuff about Mesa Verde. Which was also incredible. I'm running out of adjectives.

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