Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Denver: Vacation number 2

Right now I'm resizing the photos automatically. Too many to do it in Photoshop. I will upload them! I will! But a week without internet makes for a lot of backlog.

Today we slept late, until 10:00, and then went to the Denver Museum of History and Science, which Tommy declared the greatest place on earth. It not only had actual fossils under glass and casts of all kinds of dinosaurs. There was also a space section where there was an asteroid impact simulator. He destroyed the earth on his first try. So proud.

Then was the Denver Zoo, which honestly was a waste of time given our exhausted feet and the fact that we went around 3:30 when it closes at 6:00, and quite a few animals weren't in the exhibits. There were peacocks roaming the grounds, though, screeching and pecking at the dirt. And I saw a gigantic chipmunk. It was the size of a small rabbit. Chuck called it a popcorn-fed chipmunk.

We went to a Mexican place called Las Delicias, and all of my enchiladas were. mmm.... Tom wasted his change on a PacMan machine there, and I was amused by watching Clara overeat on chicken flautas and flan. Mark said "Oh I see! When we're eating food you like, the tables are turned!"

We stopped at Chuck and Clara's house afterward to do some laundry and play Rayman Raving Rabbids on Chuck's Wii, then came here to go to bed. Which I should do.

I promise, writing about Mesa Verde and pictures pictures pictures will be up before the end of the vacation.

I wish one of these other bums would write for this thing :p

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